THAP Artist Collective
Unfinished Poem

This animated short visually brings to life "Unfinished Poem," a piece written by Brittany Burke, and is one part of a larger collaborative project: To Hang a Pencil. You can read more about the project here.

2D Animation


The goal was to tell the story through an abstract lens in order to avoid dictating a specific narrative to the viewer. The audience is meant to enjoy the visuals as a guide through the poem rather than a definitive map. A playful color palette and loose illustration style allowed for a casual storytelling tone and more fluid approach to traditional 2D animation.


With this being my second major project dealing with frame-by-frame animation, I learned basic animation principles through experimentation and many, many YouTube tutorials. In following projects I applied what I learned about storyboarding, character design, and analyzing audience behavior to create a more streamlined workflow and narrative direction.